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We make much more than churros machines

Like a car, there are huge differences between the different churro machines. In fact, there are many churro machinery that are sold without any certification or passing a quality control.  At Mi Churreria we firmly believe that using high quality machinery directly affects on the success of a business, so we design and produce all our machinery to be safe, versatile, comfortable working, energy efficient, durable, and capable of making great products... and of course, delicious!

High performance churro makers that work in more than 50 countries 

Whether you want a high performance churro shop with a fully automatized production, or if you want to start a new small business, we offer you all-in-one starter kits, including machinery tailored to your needs and intensive churro business formation with our churro professionals.

We are the official online store. Buy without intermediaries

Mi Churreria is the official online store of José Luis Blanco Industries. We are specialized in high performance churros machinery since 1958. Since we are manufacturers, we can give you comprehensive support for everything you need: we help you develop your business churros from scratch, including the training so you can make the best churros and having a profitable and successful business.

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Experts in churro shops since 1958.

From factory to your business. No intermediaries.  

At Industrias José Luis Blanco we are dedicated to the churro shop machinery for over 55 years. We are specialiced in high performance machinery, perfect for the most demanding customers. Whatever your type of churro shop business, we have the machinery and accessories ideal for you, to make your products in a much more efficient and economic way.

If you want to set up your own new churro shop business, ask us about our starter packs, including formation and training. Ask us for more information without any obligation.